Things Edith Says, II

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She is already my best helper.

Edith, on us forgetting to buckle her as we pulled out: “The car is moving! I’m not safe!”

Edith: “Oh my gosh!”
JH: “Why Edif say oh my gosh?”
Edith: “That’s just what big people say, Bubby.”

On the morning of Travis’ comps, when I tell the children they can pray for him, Edith: “Uh, Mom, I already prayed last night, so my prayer is finished.”

“Mom, I’m tired of sneezing in the winter. I’m just going to stay in my bed until summer.”

“Mom, did God make library books?”

“These cement trucks are interesting to me. They’re like big fat trucks.”

“Mom, how does God make it rain?”
“Well, He has power to make whatever weather He wants.”
“Does God have magical powers like Elsa has magical powers?”

Bubby: “Why are oranges orange?”
Edith: “We should ask God, not mom.”